Trash/Thrash Tuesday: Murder by Death – “Ball and Chain”


Hey there you fucks.  What’s new?  Have you all emotionally recovered from the goddawful nasty shit I made you all listen to last week?  Motionless in White, was it?  Yeah, that was a real mess.  I always go a bit crazy in January and things start to really get to me..  this may actually explain why 9 years ago yesterday I took up with Scotty Floronic and haven’t really looked back.  That’s right kids, we have been together for nine goddamn years.  I’ve come close to murdering him and drinking his blood but hey, that’s what all good relationships are based on – not eating the other person’s soul by cracking their skull open.

The song I chose for you guys this week isn’t really metal, but it doesn’t stop it from being bad ass as fuck.  This track is by Murder by Death, a multi talented, genre skipping act with a tiny little lead singer who has a very cowboy Dracula voice.

This particular track is my favourite off the Red of Tooth and Claw album, and goes out to my boozey bae Scotty Floronic.  From our humble pie beginnings of getting drunk at buck a beer night, to growing up, going to school, crying together, starting this website out of frustration, driving a coffin home, buying old taxidermy, every dirty flea market, all the drugs done and not done, and the times we thought we had come undone.  I like, love you, I guess.  I GUESS.

Unless Attila Csihar is still looking for a wife, and then sorry bro..  I’m going to live in Dracula’s castle.

When I fall, I fall hard.
My body bruises at your touch,
my ankles bear these lover’s scars.
The weight is heavy, but necessary.
You’ll never change my ball and chain.

My ball and chain you will remain.
You’ve always been my ball and chain.

She lingers somewhere I cannot find.
My lover stands upon the shore,
it’s me she should be waiting for.
The distance binds us locked in twain.
You will remain my ball and chain.

My ball and chain you will remain.
You’ve always been my ball and chain.

My ball and chain you will remain.
You’ve always been my ball and chain

Jimmies rustled? Wanna fight about it? Let us know why below!

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