Thrash/Trash Tuesdays – Not Really Living – Dead Cold Inside

Today, the Dark Lord below gifted us something special. In addition to Robin’s Thrash piece I posted earlier, I present you it’s inbred juggalo step-cousin of a Trash song – Not Really Living by nu-metal revival wunderkind Dead Cold Inside.

There’s just so much garbage in this video it’s hard to know where to start. I feel overwhelmed by trash; drowning in it even. To keep myself sane and organize the many nasty thoughts swirling around my brain regarding this video, I’ve made a short list of personal highlights:

-the wannabe Fred Durst lead “singer”

-more shots of trees than your average black metal video

-the guitarist who also appears to believe he is from Limp Bizkit

-any time the singer opens his mouth to rap

-the video doesn’t even try and sync up with the audio

-that shaky camera (read: cell phone camera) work when things get “heavy”

I could really keep going on this but then you’d have no reason to watch the terrible video. So do that. And weep with laughter.

Yeah, it’s probably mean spirited to make fun of someone else’s work, but come on…This one is just too easy. Low hanging fruit is what i’m all about.


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