Interview with Matt Young from King Parrot


Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to be able to talk to Matt (Youngy) and Slatts from King Parrot at Housecore Horror Festival 2014.  This interview combined with the energy from the King Parrot set made for an amazing experience that I have not been able to shake.  King Parrot manages to bring the crazy as well as the silly, and delivers it all in an amazing grindy package.  These guys are the real deal and both times we spoke to them, they were funny, and welcoming.

So please sit back and catch up with Matt Young as we talk about life on the road, Housecore Horror, and the Human Centipede.


Robin Goodfellow:  So last time we talked was at Housecore..

Matt Young:  It was.

RG:  So how did your set go?

MY:  It was great.  Yeah, we had a fucking ball down in Austin, it was amazing.  It was the first time we got to play in front of a crowd that was that many people in the States.  It was our…  you know direct kind of audience too, so that was really amazing, the response we got was pretty good, too.

RG:  So for Housecore did you see any bands or films that you wanted to remark on?

MY:  Uhh, well I didn’t have a whole bunch of time to do anything like that, but I did see Superjoint Ritual, Napalm Death, and uh who else did I see..  I saw Child Bite.  They were really great.

RG:  Yeah they were crazy..  Shawn was hanging off the scaffolding there..

MY:  Yeah Shawn he’s a crazy mother fucker.  He’s great.

RG:  He looks like Rasputin to me with his big intense beard.

MY:  Yeah he’s fucking great, we did some shows with them just before we went to Housecore and that was really fucking cool so, yeah.


RG:  So how has this tour been going?

MY:  This tour has been pretty incredible really.  We are just kicking ourselves you know..  never when we started this band did we think we would be on tour with bands like Down and Orange Goblin and stuff like that.  Oh and Bl’ast as well, we did a few shows with them in California.  This tour is you know some of our favourite bands, musicians, the most influential metal dudes in the world and here’s us this little Aussie..  you know whatever the fuck we are and we are playing alongside them.  The crowd seems to be responding really well, we are not like Down or Orange Goblin but somehow the chemistry of the bands really works you know?  It seems to be going well.

RG:  Yeah I had seen the photos of you as a young one with Dimebag.  That was cute.

MY:  Oh yeah yeah, that was cool.  It’s all so surreal now that I’ve been on tour with Phil and stuff.  Thirteen year old me would be going “HOLY SHIT” you know?

RG:  So have you found any good coffee in Canada?  (the last time we had spoken to Matt, he was on the hunt for the perfect cup of joe)

MY:  No I haven’t.  We got in at about five o’clock this morning and I haven’t actually had a proper coffee yet.  I did have some coffee over there at my friend Dusty’s place and he gave me a coffee and it was okay.  I’m yet to get a proper coffee, but I’m going to get one.

RG:  You haven’t eaten any poutine then?

MY:  No.  Not yet.  I’m going to try to stay away from that shit..  Fuck, the last time we were here..  our new drummer Todd, he fucking loves that shit, and me and him ate so much of it last time that it was ridiculous.

RG:  Okay.  Too much poutine.  That’s Canadian blasphemy.  No such thing.

MY:  Yeah.  Yeah.

RG:  Okay so, what’s up with the “Oh for Fuck’s Sake, Go Ask Auntie Slatts” advice column.  Do you think he is prepared to be the next Ann Landers?

MY:  He’s prepared to do fucking anything.  That’s just like a column he does for an Australian magazine and it’s fucking stupid..

RG:  But it’s funny..

MY:  Well yeah..  totally.  Slatts is a very funny man and we love him very much and he can do whatever the fuck he wants really.


RG:  Okay so..  last time we talked, you guy had recommended for me to watch The Snowtown Murders..  Thanks for that, I watched that this week, it was very upsetting.

MY:  Yeah that’s a fucking horrible film.  It’s really terrible and you only really need to watch that film once.

RG:  So, do you have any tips for our readers on how to get such a luscious ass?

MY:  Squats.

RG:  Do you feel that your ass is better than Kim Kardashians?

MY:  Definitely.  Mine’s a little bit hairier.  Only a little bit.

RG:  So In Texas you guys did the Thee Garbage Men radio show with Perry and Mike IX, and we are taking a page out of their book about interviewers asking really stupid questions, so we have a lightning round for you.

MY:  Uh..  okay?

RG:  Puppies or kittens.

MY:  Kittens.

RG:  Daffodils or daisies.

MY:  Daffodils.

RG:  Tits or ass.

MY:  Tits.

RG:  Whiskey or beer.

MY:  Neither.  Both are for losers.

RG:  Okay, so our last question as always – recommend me a horror movie to disturb me on a Tuesday (I watched Snowtown Murders on a Tuesday), and the intoxicant to go with it?

MY:  My memory for movies is absolute shit.  If it’s something like Snowtown Murders with a fucked up scene in it then I will remember it, but otherwise no..  Uh..  the Human Centipede?  Or… Bad Taste?

*Ben Ward from Orange Goblin chimes in* – BRAIN DEAD.

MY:  Yeah you should ask Phil.  He’s the guy to ask.

RG:  Okay so if you had to be in a human centipede, who would you want to be in one with?

MY:  Uh you and her?  *pointing to a girl watching our interview and she makes a grossed out face*.  Definitely not those two *pointing to Orange Goblin*.  Would that be ok?  I don’t want to be in a human centipede with a dude.


And on that note.  That’s it!

Thank you very much to the boys in King Parrot, specifically to Matt Young for tolerating my insanity and many thanks to Paula Hogan for helping me to be able to take photos during the set.  King Parrot is a favourite of ours here at the graveyard and we look forward to seeing what these crazy fuckers can do in 2015.

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