Housecore Horror 2014 – Interview with Jo from Skan


Each year that I have attended Housecore, I have come away from the experience finding out about different heavy metal acts that I normally may not have found out about one my own.  Last year, Bloody Hammers and BlackQueen were the acts that really did it for me.  This year, it was a band called Skan.  Skan play a very intense version of blackened death metal and I liked what I heard prior to attending Housecore.  I reached out to the wolves of Skan and Jo, their lead singer, was nice enough to arrange for us to sit down and have a chat.  Everyone was shaking off the previous night’s festivities, but that didn’t stop these guys from being dope as fuck.

Please read along:

Robin Goodfellow – Did you have fun last night?

Jo Merino – Yeah, did you come out at all?

RG – Yeah, I got intensely turnt and just staggered around. So tell us, what is Skan and what do you do?

JM:  Skan is an extreme metal band from Austin, Texas, and as far as what we do, I don’t know how to answer that.

RG:  Okay, so what is the significance of the name Skan?

JM:  It actually comes from the Lakota Sioux nation, which is a northern Plains tribe, that has a lot of reservations in South and North Dakota, and I have a lot of admiration and respect for the Lakota people and their traditions.  I was kind of looking for a name and it just came.

RG:  Do you have Lakota heritage?

JM:  I have Cherokee and Choctaw.  Do you?

RG:  I’m Ojibwe/Chippewa, but you can’t really tell.  Does having a name with indigenous roots affect your music in any way?  Do you add any other more traditional elements beyond the name?

JM:  No.  We are more about what the name actually means.  There are several definitions of the word Skan and I have my own definition for it as well and my own personal relationship with it as well.

RG:  How did you get involved with Housecore?

JM:  They asked us to do it.  Last year, the drummer Dan and I were in another band called Skrew and we played here and folks from here actually heard our music too, and they were interested and asked us to play here.

RG:  So are there any acts here you are especially looking forward to seeing, or any movies?

JM:  Last night, Hobbs’ Angel of Death, they were pretty awesome.  Really though, I’m looking forward to Portal.  When they told us we were playing with them, I was actually pretty happy about that.  Their music is very bizarre, it’s very different and it’s very much their own.  I feel it’s really intense music. I feel like they have a lot of conviction in what they do, and that’s something I admire in other bands.  It’s a very rare thing these days.

RG:  Absolutely.  Okay, so the best part of doing festival shows, and the worst?

JM:  I don’t really view it as positive or negative, it’s just an experience.

RG:  Okay.  So last question, since our blog is called Drunk in a Graveyard and we center on horror movies, heavy metal and getting wasted, we always end interviews with the same question – favourite horror movie and alcoholic drink to go with it?

JM:  Ah!  That’s a hard one!  I’m a big fan of B movies, so I really like old Alfred Hitchcock.  Vertigo is one of my favourite movies, and for that..  I dunno, I think like a Scotch.  A really good Scotch.

Drunk in a Graveyard wants to offer up very sincere thanks to Jo and all of the dudes in Skan for being legit as hell, and also being kind enough to take a moment to speak to us.  In the meantime, if you haven’t already, please go purchase their album and support these guys.

Jimmies rustled? Wanna fight about it? Let us know why below!

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