Trash/Thrash Tuesday: Portal – Curtain


Hey there friends.  How are you doing on this Tuesday?  Did you have a fun weekend filled with church burning and getting absolutely hammered off bad red wine?  My heart goes out to you little scamps.

For this week’s edition of Trash/Thrash Tuesday, I thought I would bring it a little bit closer to home and share one of my great and true loves with you..  and that love is for a band called Portal.  If you haven’t heard of Portal, you have clearly made an error along the path of life somehow and need to adjust this immediately.  Portal is one of those bands that is not only a musical experience, an auditory one, but also a physical and more visceral experience.  I had this distinct honor and pleasure of seeing Portal live at this year’s Housecore Horror Festival in Austin, Texas and their dark magick hits your chest like a pile of bricks and literally pushes you backwards with this wall of sound.

To say these dudes transform you up and into the void, is not saying enough.  That’s what they do.

I’m feeling a little bit dark for this week’s edition, so I hope you join me in preparation for what is to come.  I posted the lyrics to this song, not that one will be able to understand them upon first listen.  Please delve with me into the void.

Ab Ovo Hitherto – Obsolescence Obire
Charnel Decede, Carnal Dissever
Incursion Cleave Corpsurreal Avant
Ullage Liaise Prestygious Decant

Redivivus Succor
Oneiric Forclore
Thee Obliquitious Flaw
Redivivus Succor

Black Window Agape
Crooken Equipoise
Quaver Artifabric

Attunement Synchronous
Fatum Certus


Excedere Vita


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