Decaying – One To Conquer


Few bands display the sheer work ethic that Decaying do and fewer still do so while still producing consistently solid albums year after year. Hailing from Finland, the men behind Decaying have given the world 4 full length albums of death metal in as many years and show no signs of stopping. One to Conquer is the latest salvo in their assault on metal fans ears and what an assault it is to behold. Pure old-school death metal in the vein of Bolt Thrower, Decaying continue the tradition of war themed death metal with eight tracks that at the best of time sound like a battalion of tanks rolling down the street outside your house or a mortar shell exploding in your living room .


If you’ve been looking to scratch that old school itch (and who doesn’t once in a while) Decaying can assuredly help you with that. The riffwork on display on The 38th Parallel or the title track prove that these Fins have enough chops to stand their ground with the best of them and emerge fairly unscathed. As with any release there are some tracks that fall to the back of the pack (The Fall of Saigon in this case) but overall this is a solid release that fans of no-nonsense death metal will dig. The longest and most technically proficient is the album closer Ho Chi Minh Trail and this where the band really shines, allowing them to really stretch out and show us what they can do in a longer format song.


Favorite track: The 38th Parallel – that battalion of tanks assault sound is on full display here, grabbing the listener by the throat and not letting them go until it’s pummeled them into the ground. If for no other reason, check the album out for this song though i think you’ll find yourself sticking around to see what else is on offer.


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