Trash/Thrash Tuesdays: Skan – “Immortal Tyrant”

Wolves of Skan

Good morning friendship!  How’s it going?  Are you steadily approaching critical mass over the sudden rise of Christmas?  Does that gross smell of cinnamon and the sudden proliferation of candy canes everywhere make you want to vomit?  Me too.  Now that false cheer and overspending are reaching their claws into this great westernized nation, I’m gonna make sure to make it my personal mission to bring you more Thrash, and less Trash with these Tuesdays, though once school is out for me, all bets are off, because there’s going to be a lot of day drinking and making fun of Danzig to come.  I love it when we have these talks together.  Welcome to this week’s edition of Trash/Thrash Tuesday.  Today I have for you a band out of Austin that I actually got to see and interview at this year’s Housecore Horror Festival, a band called Skan.  They play some pretty intense blackened metal and I liked what I saw prior to Housecore, and have enjoyed them even more following Housecore.  My typical riding the bus playlist is either the God Delusion as read by Richard Dawkins, or these guys, so clearly I am doing quite well and am a completely balanced individual.

More to the point though, Skan has a very atmospheric feel to their music which goes well with the occult and esoterica that they have in their live shows, without getting into the namby pamby melodica of other acts.  The music is heavy, but doesn’t shy away from a blistering guitar solo which is refreshing.  I think the music is intense without being goofy, and the vocals are often quite chilling and brings me back to a lot of the death metal I listened to in my youth.  This album in particular is a perfect blend of death metal and black metal and seems to take the best from both worlds while still carving out something that is truly unique.  I really enjoy this band, they put on an amazing show at Housecore, and if you keep your eyes on the drunk skies, I have an interview forthcoming with Jo that was a very cool addition to the Housecore experience.

This holiday season, won’t you please think of yourself and all the metal you could be listening to?  Be sure to grab this album.  What else are you gonna do with $6?  Buy a Starbucks Praline latte?

And with lyrics like “I want blood” or “fill up the womb with war”, how can you go wrong?

The Immortal Tyrant

Give me heresy, give me infamy, all supremacy
Living on your knees, only I will seed , all that you believe
Drowning in a sea, full of misery, for an end you’ll pray
Choking on your faith, only hell remains, burning in it’s flames

This disease consumes me, gnawing on my dreams
Listen to their screams whispering to me no one will believe

I want blood

Give me blasphemy, put me out of my misery
Shove the needle into the roots of my rotten heart please
Can you see I’m numb?
Spilling out the blood of the chosen one
Who could give a fuck, if I’m fucked up, and I want to fuck?

I want blood
Feed the sun with the blood, burn the soul
Ripped and torn, from it’s love, like a whore
I want blood

I want blood
Fill the womb with thy war, bathe in blood
Take everything, until there’s none, wasted world
I want blood

No more seed left to sow, barren world
Cower to, all you fear, forsake your soul
Never was free, never will be, soon you’ll see it’s true
Don’t like you, don’t need you, I want to kill you

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