Heavy Metal, Killer Klowns & LSD: Talking With Brian Posehn At The Housecore Horror Film Festival

If you’re new to the graveyard, you might not have realized, but, some of our greatest inspirations are comedians.  Comedy is a very central aspect to what we are doing here.  Sometimes in life, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry, and in our case, some of the best experiences I have had involve laughing with friends, laughing so hard your stomach hurts the next day.

Brian Posehn made a guest appearance at Housecore Horror this year, and his comedy set was hilarious.  Brian is a super laid back dude, pretty friendly, and obviously a big fan of metal.  He was kind enough to speak to us about metal, Housecore and LSD.


Robin Goodfellow:  So, how did you get involved with Housecore?

Brian Posehn:  It started last year.  I’ve known Phil forever and it was just a decent fit, I guess.  We talk about the stuff I like to talk about, like people out in the parking lot sweating their balls off.

RG:  It was pretty sweaty out there today.

BP:  Yes.  *laughing*

RG:  So what are you looking forward to seeing here this year?

BP:  Voivod for sure.  I really also want to check out Portal, I’ve heard amazing shit about them, so I really want to see them.

RG:  Yeah, the best way I’ve heard their live set described is in a review where the blogger suggests that they are like “summoning Satan in a windtunnel with a vaccuum cleaner”.

BP:  Alright.  I’m in.


RG:  So for our blog, we are Drunk in a Graveyard and we center on horror movies and heavy metal, and obviously getting wasted..  so what is your favourite horror movie and favourite alcoholic drink to go with it?

BP:  Hahaha, okay.  Favourite of all time is the original Halloween and I wasn’t drinking when that came out so I don’t have a favourite drink for that, but uh, the craziest like mixing something with a horror film story, I watched Killer Klowns from Outer Space on acid.

RG:  …and how was that?

BP:  Fucking terrible.  Just like you would think it would be.  The movie is awesome but uh, goofy, and it kind of uh, worked while I was high on acid but I was terrified for hours after it and I walked out of my room around to the living room into my room, and they were waiting for me, the killer klowns.  They were taking up the living room, they were bigger than they were in the movie, since I was on acid, they were like 12 feet tall and pretty spooky.  So yeah, don’t do that.


RG:  I once watched Ichi the Killer high on acid.

BP:  WHAT.  No, no, that’s terrible.  That’s one of those movies I can’t get behind some of those, you know?

RG:  Yeah there was a lot of hiding under a blanket, questioning your life decisions involved.

BP:  Yeah I getcha.  Takashi Miike or however you pronounce it, his stuff is pretty brutal, I wouldn’t really recommend it.

RG:  He also writes children’s books*.

*available in Japan, under a pseudonym.  I had a photo of one but I can’t find it..  someone link me.

BP:  No he doesn’t.

RG:  Yep, and directs children’s films.

BP:  Uh.  That’s fucked up.

And on that cheerful note..  Drunk in a Graveyard would like to give some major props to Brian Posehn for being kind enough to speak to us, and for being hilarious.  Our page would likely be a lot different without the works of him and other comedians.  He’s like a father figure, or at the very least your older brother who would occaisionally boot for you and had all the cool old metal albums on vinyl.

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