Trash/Thrash Tuesdays – Acid Witch, “Witchtanic Hellucinations”

Since I’ve done three Tuesdays trashing shitty songs, I figured I should try to put a positive spin on things and recommend some music to thrash to. Acid Witch have been a favourite of mine for a while because come on – acid and witches, now that’s a hobby. These guys played a super crusty early morning set at Housecore Horror this year and I was even lucky enough to interview these dope as fuck dudes afterwards. Acid Witch is certainly Halloweenie music but instead of being 2 spoopy 5 me, the cheese is sprinkled on top of really guttural vocals with really doomy and melodic backing music. These guys are great and Witchtanic Hallucinations has just enough oomph and camp to go along with it to keep me happy. You’d think a bunch of stoners might not be able to figure out the perfect balance of horror cheese (because they would probably eat it all) and musical talent – but these dudes have balls and they’re clearly doing something right because their first few shows were with Pentagram, which is pretty note worthy for a smaller act. I’ve been grooving these guys since we got home from Housecore Horror and they’re great to listen to on the bus because then you don’t have to listen to anyone. This music also makes for good listening when you’re just sitting around smoking dope or having some beers and I’m sure that’s what the boys in Acid Witch would want. And I mean really, with lyrics like “weed witch, weed witch”, these dudes are crafting up one heck of a dank spell.


Acid Witch – Witchtanic Hellucinations

A man possessed
I walk alone
To find the coven
‘Neath the sanguine moon
Follow the wisps
And strange gloomy lights
For the cult of Lysergic is meeting tonight
From the drums on skulls comes their chant of Doom
I follow entranced to the ominous tune
I see the smoke rings ascending high
Lost in the woods,
I’m fucking high!
Hallucinate through the forest’s threat
And come upon this black witchcraft
Pentagram unbroken
The circle now complete
They beckong me to join their ritual Hasheesh

Enchanted with spells
By the crone’s drone song
I inhale the evil of the witchcraft bong

Weed witch
Weed witch

Witchtanic Hellucinations
Witchtanic Hellucinations

12 are here you’ll be the 13th
I sit at the fire
Smell the cauldron’s dank reek
In to the boil a boney finger is dipped
And unto my tongue the acid is dripped

Witchtanic Hellucinations
Witchtanic Hellucinations

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