See, I was in the vault, looking for my Shriek Show 2 dvd set of MURDER ROCK – DANCING DEATH – Lucio Fulci’s 1984 “Flashdance” giallo rip-off. I couldn’t find it, and since I have been off my Aderall for about six weeks, I was distracted by a C-90 cassette laying on a casket. I remember that I found it in a bus station locker.

I popped it into my Sanyo cassette player and pressed play. I heard a blasphemous churning and whirring, like space whales fucking a mountain of tin cans, but then something strange happened –
the tape twisted up on itself and began to play backwards. It’s true. When the indiscernible noises were played in reverse, I discovered a very enjoyable collection of tunes that I figured I would share with all of you.

So, I connected my intricate system of machines and chemical processes and transferated the mysterious cassette into the digital realm where I can share it with you.


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