So we all hate but can’t seem to live without social media, right? There’s a lot of memes out there making the internet circulation that show the generation of today as mindless zombies obsessed with Facebook and it’s not an entirely incorrect sentiment. Antisocial takes this sentiment somewhat more literally and tells the sordid tale of a website called which is basically like a pseudo Facebook wherein the users are infected via the release of an app update which is supposed to, entice users to use the page even more, but the addiction to the internet goes cray and people end up going fucking bananas and killing and eating each other before dying. The facebook zombies continue updating their profile pages during said killing spree and their death. The lead lady or whatever, is boring as hell and also pregnant which is sort of a misnomer because let’s be serious here, ain’t no one got time for her sad eyed nonsense. Rather than tell her baby daddy that she’s preg preg, she sort of wanders around and also has a lecture class on New Year’s Eve which makes zero fucking sense but whatever.


She ends up at her equally boring friends house for a New Years party and everyone is terrible. It’s like a gap ad on steroids, just a parade of some of the most hateful individuals you could imagine. There’s a cool bit where they are introduced via their facebook profiles but then they all start flailing to dubstep and I felt the audio diarrhea threaten to soil my ear holes. Can we all just get over DUBSTEP? Please. Unless you’re wearing a furry hat and are high on ecstasy you have no business liking that garbage. Anyways, like every shitty zombie outbreak movie in the past, these kids are too busy getting turnt on molly to pay attention to the news stories of horrible things taking place, and if you aren’t drowning in the veritable sea of social commentary, then you should be thankful for your intelligence is low enough to not understand when you are being pandered to. The movie follows the same flawed format of all of those zombie outbreak movies, but I feel that upon discovering the truth of the situation that is befalling them, these kids seem to take the whole everyone’s a zombie thing pretty well. I would be busy rigging up baseball bats with barbed wire a la Silent Hill.
Just saying. That’s how I get down.
The whole movie kinda goes for a shit and people start skyping their zombie experiences and at this point I almost rolled my eyes right out of my head. I dunno. All this reminded me of was that movie Phone about the haunted cellphone and it all goes back to that generalized fear of new technology etc but I just couldn’t stomach it. Maybe if these assholes had been slightly more likeable I would have accepted it, but as it stands, nah.
Randomly towards the end the director tries to throw the audience a bone by explaining that the infection came from an app update but the whole thing is so far gone that even that bit of information is meh.
This movie was clown shoes and not even worth the watch. Antisocial does not play well with its audience.


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