Slow Southern Steel


I’ve always been drawn to the slow aural assault that comes out of the NOLA/southern metal scene. There’s just something about the thick riffs that compel me to me to bang my head slowly while the weight of the music washes over me. Finally, someone who shares the same appreciation has put together a documentary covering the south and it’s legendary metal scene. Enter Slow Southern Steel. Featuring interviews and performances from some of the heaviest of the heavy weights to come out of that scene like Jimmy Bower, Pepper Keenan, Mike Williams and the ever eloquent Phil Anselmo (not to mention members of Acid Bath, Goatwhore, Hank 3, Hawg Jaw and many others), Slow Southern Steel is a must see for fans of this music scene.

We’re in luck as the filmmakers have been kind enough to post the documentary in full on youtube so we can enjoy it. Check it out below!

Jimmies rustled? Wanna fight about it? Let us know why below!

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