RIP Robin Williams

It’s a very unfunny day in the graveyard because today the world lost a funny man. Robin Williams, 63, committed suicide in his home.  Robin Williams has a special place in the hearts of both Scotty Floronic and Robin Goodfellow. His movies and zany antics entertained us both as children and once we became old enough to understand, so did his stand up. Live on Broadway was a legend, and was recently watched my the members of the graveyard team, and it’s still a gut buster. Robin Williams knew better than anyone that making light of bad situations was one of the best ways to cope, and he roasted himself almost as much as he roasted others. In his most recent and eerily titled “Weapons of Self Destruction” he plays on his own failings often and doesn’t shy away from admitting his problems, especially with alcohol. It takes a rare man to be able to see oneself with both candor and comedy and for us at the graveyard, he was an inspiration. Robin Goodfellow, always wanted to be a comedian, and was inspired by George Carlin, Robin Williams, the Jackass team, Louis CK, Margaret Cho and John Mulaney to endeavour to become one of those funny people – and like the loss of George Carlin, and Ryan Dunn, we aren’t feeling too cheerful in the drunk in a graveyard house today.

We are extremely saddened and heartsick and offer our condolences to the Williams family and hope that he finds peace with all the comedians gone before him.

Rest in Peace Robin Williams



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