Light of Blood


Generally, movies tackling lycanthropy are handled by those with more of a budget than say, the cost of a hot dog with extra relish at 7-11. Mostly because fun fur is fucking expensive! Have you priced that stuff out lately? Putting together a decent ass (or even half ass) wolf man costume would put a serious dent in my beer money and honestly, there are some sacrifices that this man just cannot make. Thankfully though, there are some intrepid souls in Tampa Bay Florida who are willing to put their booze fund on the line and produce a fun SOV werewolf film. Light of Blood touches on all my favorite aspects of SOV horror films: cheap music likely recorded in a garage, a healthy amount of acting school rejects, dubious science, a shoestring effects budget  and more passion for films than you can handle. It’s that last part that’s the key component for me, and the one that makes me keep coming back to SOV time and time again.


Light of Blood tells the story near and dear to all of our hearts. It’s the story of a man who, once  injected with a serum (tested for safety on monkeys of course), becomes a lycanthropic fun fur covered super soldier…I think we can all relate a little.   The strange plot line is really only the tip of the fun with Light of Blood though. Like all SOV movies, I watch it not only for the guaranteed to be far off the beaten path plot but all the little, off kilter oddities. Take for example the accents. They are, almost unanimously, fucking atrocious. At one point, I wasn’t sure that one of the actors could speak fluently (in any language) at all, let alone deliver lines with an accent. Is this a bad thing? Depends on who you are, but chances are if you’ve found our site and made it this far into my review without thinking I’m a maniac for loving SOV this little accent issue is only going to deepen your desire to watch this fine piece of cinema. It just reminds me that sometimes, despite all the roadblocks(the ability to use your mouth to form intelligible  words in this case) you just need to say “Fuck it” and make the movie. As well as bad accents being on offer, Light of Blood also gives us some priceless fight scenes involving fun fur clad super soldiers, mad nun-chuck skills like you’ve never seen before


I guess what all my rambling boils down to is that Light of Blood aside from being an entertaining and strange trip is a great reminder that if you want to make a movie, even if it has a plot more confused than your demented great granny, you should just do it. Fuck studios, fuck expensive equipment, fuck the guy who tells you that gluing fun fur to your face isn’t safe. Horror isn’t about making movies that are safe for mass consumption, despite some people best efforts *cough* James Wan *cough*. It’s about using an outsider genre to tell a story that you aren’t going to see anywhere else, that you can’t see anywhere else. It’s about not playing it safe and saying fuck the rules. Light of Blood is drenched in this spirit and is a perfect representation of the “fuck it, let’s make this movie” attitude that brings me back to SOV in the first place. Now, if you’d kindly leave me alone, I’ve got work to do making the werewolf suit for my unofficial sequel , Light of Blood 2: Electric Boogaloo (copyright pending).


Snag a copy of this trashterpiece HERE



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