Our Store Is Now Open For Business!

Hey kiddies,

Well, I finally went and got my ass in gear and did it. The DIAG store is officially open for business. While the selection is currently slim (as I write this we have 3 patches available) that will be changing rapidly. With any luck, I should be updating the store with new patches, shirts, tote bags and whatever else tickles our fancy on a weekly basis so keep checking back.

What we carry won’t be limited to just DIAG stuff either (as evidenced by the Manborg patch currently in there) but will run the gamut of cult and horror movies. Have a suggestion for something you’d like to see? Comment here or email me (drunkinagraveyard@outlook.com) and I can probably make it happen!

You can find our store by either clicking the ‘Store’ button on the menu or searching Drunk in a graveyard on etsy. As always, stay spooky!


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