The Man, The Myth, The Muthafuckin’ Puppet: An Interview with Mubia Abul-Jama

If you aren’t in the know about Black Devil Doll, you better change that quick. Inspired by the original shot-on-video trash-terpiece, Black Devil Doll stars none other than the charismatic, homicidal black power advocating puppet Mubia Abul-Jama . I was lucky enough to get an interview with the legendary killer puppet myself recently where we talked about running lines, cultural appropriation and the production of his new sitcom, There Goes Da Neighborhood.


Scotty Floronic:How is the production of “There Goes Da Neighborhood” going?

Mubia:Great!!! I am muthafuckin’ high-larious! But I don’t know ’bout all these other fools I be working with. I guess I’m just a huge natural born acting talent because all these other actor-type muthafuckas be demanding mo’ takes in ever scene, always axin’ to get their make-up touched-up, and dumb shit like ‘dat. Trent Haaga always needing to answer tha damn phone ‘cuz his wife always calling and yelling at him. And Elissa Dowling always bitchin’ ’bout needing to change her tampon. I swear to god that ho on tha rag 28 days out of the muthafuckin’ month! And thay always be wantin’ to “run lines”. What tha fuck does that even mean??? Only lines I be knowin’ ’bout involve a goddamn straw! Buncha mixed-up lazy white folk if you ask me.


SF:What can we expect from the new series that wasn’t present in the movie?

M:You can expect me finally getting paid, nigga! Still ‘aint seen a damn dime from ‘dat movie. Seen mo’ than my share of freaky white pussy since BLACK DEVIL DOLL blew-up, but I gots bills to pay. Know what I’m sayin’? As far as tha show goes I just know you gonna see a whole lot mo’ white people getting what thay deserve. And you sure as shit gonna see me delivering a muthafuckin’ Golden Globes winning performance! Which hopefully will lead to me sticking my dick in some primetime white TV actress tail. I guarantee you neither them bitches from Two Broke Girls ever had a negro puppet dick in thay butts. Need to change ‘dat.

SF:Is it hard finding respect in the horror industry being a puppet?

M:I always be hearin’ ‘dat term “horror industry”….. You talkin’ ’bout all them chubby white kids in tha heavy metal t-shirts and black hair? Fuck them. I’m building my own industry! I’m gonna do it while steppin’ on the back of the white man.

SF:While we’re on the subject of being a puppet, how does it feel being trapped in a wooden puppet body? Do you find it limits your extra-curricular activities at all?

M:How’s it feel being trapped in tha body of 16 year old girl with dreadlocks? Shiiiiit…. White man always be trying to perpetrate tha black man’s look. Always trying to steal the black man’s music. You and yo’ dreadlocks gonna be first in tha slave line when we finally rise up, honky. Gonna shave ‘dat shit off yo’ head and whip ya silly!


SF:I saw a picture recently of you dressed up as a clergyman. Does this mean I can officially worship at the church of the black devil doll? If so, I’ll bring blunts for the service.

M:You can bring tha blunts, then you can GET THA FUCK OUT! My church is gonna be strictly “White Bitches Only!”.

SF:Final question: When not participating in horrific acts of murder yourself, do you watch horror movies? If so, what is your current favorite?

M:I love going to horror movies wit’ my niggas, gettin’ all liquored up, yelling at tha screen and shit. “Run, white bitch, RUN! Don’t open ‘dat door, dummy!” ‘Dat shit a lot of fun. My favorite horror movie? My favorite horror movie of all muthafuckin’ time is ‘dat one where tha crazy white dude runs around in a scary mask, killin’ a whole shitload of white kids. That one is a muthafuckin’ classic!

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