Taeter City


Warning: If you are weak of stomach or get squeamish at the sight of blood, this is NOT the movie for you. If however you are a fan of skull crushing, gut ripping or just human evisceration in general, you should do yourself a favor and check out Tater City. Released by Necrostorm a few years ago, this is one of the goriest movies I’ve come across in my many years watching horror. This is gore porn cranked up to 11. I’ve attempted to watch this one with a few of my fellow horror loving friends and had to shut it down less than 20 minutes in due to the profound amounts of blood being sprayed to and fro. As I stated before, this movie is not for everyone. I have to say though not all of the gore is realistic, all of it is vomit inducing.

Taeter City takes place in, uh, Taeter City where criminal behavior is controlled through a radio wave system called the Zeed effect. Shades of a more malicious HAARP anyone? Ok, sorry about that. I’ll put my tinfoil hat away. Anyways, these radio waves somehow detect potential criminal thoughts and cause the person having them to inflict harm upon themselves instead of someone else, always resulting in a gory death. The offenders body is then picked up by The Authority’s agents, known simply as Bikers, and delivered to one of the many meat processing facilities to be turned into a “healthy” snack for the general populous, distributed through Taeter Burger restaurants. Tasty.


I can’t really say for certain how low budget Taeter City is, but I can say without a doubt they chose to funnel the majority of their money into practical and CG gore effects instead of actors with anything resembling what are generally referred to as skills. This is one of those movies that you are not to concerned with the acting though to be honest. You’ll be too busy attempting (<key word here) to follow the topsy-turvey story that connects the gore showcase pieces you popped the movie in to see. Seriously, the actual scene to scene plot of this movie is loopy and doesn’t concern itself with silly things like explaining who certain characters are or why they’re doing what they’re doing. Then again, why waste precious time on exposition of a character whose sole purpose is to be mutilated in one fashion or another? Priorities.

While I’m on the topic of mutilations, I must applaud the makers of Taeter City in their inventiveness when it comes to death scenes. For a movie whose main function is show casing as many gory death as it can squeeze into it’s run time they are all very original and nothing is really repeated, even if there are more than a few deaths by head squeezing. Another thing I liked, even though it’s as loopy as the plot line, is that one of the bikers seems to possess magical powers (?) that allow her to wave her hands around all wizard-like and cut people to ribbons. Like I said before, inventive kills all around.


Taeter City is one of those movies that was never made to appeal to more than a very specific audience and it’s admirable for that. If you fall into that small but enthusiastic demographic, you’ll love this splatter fest. If not, you may just walk away worried about the sanity of the people who made this. That is, if you get more than 20 minutes past the opening title sequence.

Word on the street is that the folks over at Cult Movie Mania have a very sexy, very limited edition VHS set for Taeter City. So,if you share the same severe analog addiction I do, hit them up and snatch it before they’re all gone.

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