Manborg action figure from Goodleg Toys


As anyone who follows Drunk in a Graveyard knows, I can’t get enough of astron-6s’ Manborg. Since i watched the movie for the first time I’ve suggested and recommended it to as many people as I can, most of the time receiving strange looks as they slowly shuffle backward away from me. Even Robin doubted me until she experienced Manborg for herself. What i’m trying to say is that not everyone gets it, but those that do tend to dive headfirst into the world with glee. Take Luke Toywalker and Pablo Perra of Goodleg Toys for example. They took it to a whole new level and put there high level custom toy making skills to work making a limited run of every ones favorite cyborg hero.

We are Man...Borg

We are Man…Borg

When i say high level skills, you best believe I mean it. This figure has some pretty fine detail sculpting and paintwork. He looks so close to the actor who played Manborg I’m tempted to make a stop motion fan film starring this guy! The fine level detail doesn’t end there though. They could have left him as is and action figure-aholics would still be messing themselves over this thing, but they took it a step further and gave him a removable hand that can be switched out for the heavy duty gun he sports in the movie.The  hand/gun switcheroo is achieved by magnets; the same magnets they used to hold the limbs and head to the torso.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned about this figure is the custom backing card/blister that it comes with . I actually almost tossed the blister that holds him to the card by accident (as Goodleg Toys kindly decided to let you either put him on his card or leave him loose) in my sheer excitement to see this guy, but thankfully Luke informed me of my mistake before it couldn’t be undone.

Don’t take my word on how awesome this figure is though, check out the pics I’ve included below. Better grab a towel before you do though so you don’t get drool all over your keyboard:



Head on over to Goodleg Toys’ store as well as their blog to check out their other sick custom work, including the War on Prehis line. My love of Master of the Universe style figures, reanimated bodies and over-sized weaponry made the next War on Prehis release, the Death Drone, a no-brainer.

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