Who’s who in the Drunk in a Graveyard zoo..

I wanted to write a quick little post, due to some online confusion, to say that Drunk in a Graveyard is actually the work of two people.  Those people being…


robin goodfellow

and additionally:



Typically, when you are reading this blog, it is I, the small pink haired one doing the majority of the writing, but Scott does contribute – he came up with the Top 5 Werewolf movies list, and also did a blurb piece on the Haunting of Whaley House.

That said, if you are a twitter person and tweet us @DrunkGraveyard, you’re talking to Scott.  He’s in charge of the twitter monster, mostly because his phone isn’t from the Stone Age like mine is. 

All of the movies reviewed we watch together and thus I can’t really say that all of the writing comes from my head alone..  typically I am the one jotting down short hand notes but we are both usually drunkenly screaming at the television.  I just put it all together afterwards because I talk English good and have a background in rhetoric and writing so it all comes out golden.

So that’s it really.  That’s the Drunk in a Graveyard team, the dynamic duo, the gruesome twosome, the Brothers Gin (get it?)..   Hahaha, that was terrible.

Stay tuned kids for Drunk in a Graveyard’s first double feature!

Jimmies rustled? Wanna fight about it? Let us know why below!

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