Leaders of the Pack or DIAGs Top Werewolf Movies

If you’re anything like us over here in the graveyard, you were left disappointed with what Hemlock Grove brought to the table. These are our top 5 favorite movies involving our furred friends to cleanse your palate with.

5 – Blood & Chocolate (2007)


Filmed on location in Bucharest, Romania, this film teaches us some of the dangers of lycan/human relationships and why they don’t always work out so well. If you like a little love and heartbreak with your teeth and fur, check this one out.

4 – The Wolfman (1941)


Oe of the first and best  to do it , Wolfman defined what a werewolf should look like (half man/half wolf) to many a horror fan(myself included). Though not Universal Studios  first crack at a werewolf movie( that honor goes to Werewolf of London, which came out 6 years previous) Lon Chaney’s performance and makeup solidified the Wolf Mans place amongst the classic Universal monsters.

3 – Dog Soldiers (2002)


I remember finding this movie when I was about 14 years old in a grocery store discount movie bin and being sold right from the get go by the aliens comparison on the cover of the DVD. Since that first chance encounter, I’ve watched this movie countless times and I am still as entertained as my 14 year old self was that first time and I can’t say that about many movies.

2 –Ginger Snaps (2000)


Hailing from the same frozen north that we do, Ginger Snaps was another movie I remember fondly from my days as a young horror hound, first discovering all that the genre had to offer. Featuring some great comparisons of puberty to lycanthropy, not to mention some very good practical werewolf effects, this one should go right to the top of your “to watch” pile if you’ve yet to see it. Well, right behind this one…

1 – An American Werewolf in London (1981)


What can I say about this movie that hasn’t been said a million times: inarguably the best on-screen werewolf transformation scene in horror movie history, John Landis blends the horror and comedy elements masterfully, and the atmosphere he creates is just as spooky today as it was back in 1981.If you haven’t seen this film, I have one word for you: Shame! Now go out, find this movie and get ready to be impressed.

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